1 minute for inflate boat and go away


Perpignan, France


Boats, tenders, kayaks, fenders with very fast inflating and effortlessly

Make a boat which swells in 1 minute, how was born this idea?

A simple meeting on pontoons between two passionate with veil(sail) and with numerous discussions with the neighbors of pontoons about the problems of adorns beating and with appendices led(drove) to us to a quite simple idea allowing a fast inflating.

After several months of reflection, we decided to sell our boats to finance our company(society) and pursue the development of our idea.

We began with the manufacturing of prototypes of adorn beating which(who) do not take a seat(place) aboard boats and which(who) swell fast and without pump.

Who are we?

We are two passionate with water sports who met on the quays of the port of Canet in Roussillon.

Our various exchanges brought us to think about the problems of congestion, weight and problem of inflating of appendix aboard boats.

We eventually found a system of inflating ultra fast for one adorn inflatable beatings and for any sorts of inflatable boats.

We thus applied for patents and decided to sell our boats respective to finance and create a company " GONFLABLE B-D " which exploits these patents under the commercial naming " Air VITE ".

Today we are equipped with machine allowing the manufacturing of adorn beatings.

On the other hand, the manufacturing of boats rests us some more of problems. We have to define processes of manufacturing and test new prototypes. Well on all this represent a cost and our young company called on to you to bring to a successful conclusion these developments.

What's the money for?

The prototype which you can see in the video swells within 2 minutes but we can do better on the next prototypes a lot (our challenge is to succeed within 1 minute) if we succeed in developing our own valves.

The funds which we are going to collect are going to serve us to develop our valves and to build various prototypes of boats with these new valves.

To make these prototypes we need:

to model valves on a 3D software, and then to make them mold plastic

of materials first one for the manufacturing of the boats

of specific equipment.

Find news here very soon!
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