Be the Drop! Your name around the World!


Lorient, France


COVID19 CRISIS, call for donations, I need your help ! Round the Globe Solo Class40 - World sailing record attempt. Sailing around the world non stop without any assistance on a 40ft offshore racing boat. You too, come onboard for this extreme event!

How does this work?

Crowdfunding is all or nothing: if you don't reach the requested amount, you don't get the money !

The current health crisis Covid19 leaves its mark and have a huge impact economically.

Have you already had your name around the world on an offshore racing sailboat?
Now it's possible!

It's not easy to find the budget right now with professional companies, so here I need you to realize this dream, this challenge. 

I hope you will be there by my side, by the greatest number and together we will try to beat this record held since 2013!

You too take part in this sporting challenge while supporting an eco-citizen cause for our beautiful planet with simple and effective actions!

The project was launched in June 2019 with the acquisition of the Class40 BEL55, a prototype designed by Guillaume Verdier and built in 2007, a boat that won over the podiums until 2013.

A first crowdfunding campaign was successfully carried out in September 2019,
the money collected ( 23000€) was used for the refit of the boat and when buying the new set of sails.

The start is officially for November 2020 but subject to budget for Nov 2021.

The goal:
is to try to beat a world sailing record by finishing a non-stop round-the-world trip without solo assistance in less than 137 Days!

That's what we call" The Everest of the sea ", sail around the planet through the 3 Great Capes, SOLO, without stopping on a nutshell, down of the Atlantic Ocean, passage of the equator, Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, and the famous Cape Horn, sailing back up the Atlantic, cross again the equator and then return from where we started, that's the challenge !

Port for departure and arrival: Port of Brest

The same as the Jules Verne Trophy

The time to beat is 137 Days 20 Hours 01minute and 57 seconds !

A sports project and a cause for our planet ! 

It is high time that everyone wakes up and that we begin to realize that we must act now, we must change our habits, I believe in simplicity, simple gestures, simple actions to do every day by everyone no matter where you come from !

You too join the movement ! Together we will form an ocean, just Be the Drop ! 

Here is the boat, a real little rocket !

In accordance with the project and the ecological crisis, I wanted a second-hand boat and to sail with no fuel emission to recharge the batteries. The boat is equipped with 11 solar panels and I'm looking to get an Hydrogenerator to provide green energy as much as possible during the races.

She has been optimized since the beginning which has proven herself to be still very efficient even in front of boats of last generations, an exceptional prototype, here is Magale !

Who are we?

What's the money for?

I need you to be able to leave, the overall missing budget is € 50,000.

Before the crisis COVID 19 , more than € 80,000 have already been invested in a major yard refit done in summer 2019 and in the purchase of new sails for the record.

( Personal investment + financial loan + 1st crowdfunding campaign )

Price of the boat : 180 000 €

When you know that a Vendée Globe budget is several million euros per year, I offer you a unique opportunity to live together the same adventure, the same journey on an offshore racing boat but smaller !

Missing budget detail : excl VAT

  • Replacement of ropes (running rigging, running backstay, halyards, sheets, ...) 

5000 €

  • Hydrogenerator (green electricity product)                                                     

 5000 €

  • Record registration fees + tracker beacon                                                       

 5000 €

  • Fresh satellite communication package offshore.                                          

 10 000 €

  • Provisioning (freeze-dried, personal equipment, etc).                                     

 5000 €

  • 2020 Class40 class rules and admissions                                                          

 3000 €

  • Record 3 weeks preparation site (hull, keel, rudders, etc.)                            

 10000 €

  • Routing                                                                                                           

3000 €

  • Marina fees                                                                                                   

  4000 €

Total: € 50,000 excl VAT

Crowdfunding is all or nothing: if you don't reach the requested amount, you don't get the money !

I will therefore set the first level at 5000 €, which is the minimum to continue the project and to cover the running costs.

Of course, the objective being to leave this year, I hope to greatly exceed this amount and reach 50,000 euros. Also, I continue in parallel to actively seek partners.

And if the objective is not reached for this year, we will do everything to complete the project in 2021!

100% atteint! Yes! 29 Jul 2020

C'est génial!

Vraiment, merci du fond du coeur! Le premier palier est atteint, je peux respirer! 

Il reste encore deux jours et souvent c'est sur la fin qu'on a envie d'y participer, vous êtes mes premiers contributeurs et ce serait top de continuer à partager ces dernières 48h afin d'atteindre un nouveau palier et qui sait de peut-être arriver sur la ligne de départ cet hiver!

Encore merci pour votre soutiens, votre fidélité et de croire en moi,

à très vite!

It's awesome!

Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart! The first level is reached, I can breathe!

There are still two days left and often it's towards the end that we want to participate, you are my first contributors and it would be great to continue to share these last 48 hours in order to reach a new level and who knows how to maybe arrive on the starting line this winter!

Thank you again for your support, your loyalty and for believing in me,

see you soon!


Caroline ARNOULD
Mark Vantrease
Claudine Thomas-Borreman
Samuel de Séverac
Thomas Monjo
Pier-Francesco Rocci
Julie Nicolas Cattaneo
juliette lesle
Pierre Thomas
danielle weyckmans
Marion Guillot
Louisette David
Jean David
Claudine Thomas-Borreman
Anders Pettersson
Michael Fahy
marie andrieux
florence Thomas
Anthony Borreman
adélie parat
Pierre Delvaux
Bruno Thomas
Albert Lagneaux

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