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Help us go from digital to real, your 3 Minutes of Confidens, in paper format, every morning in your mailbox.

Confidens is a local and ethical media. Every morning, we select 5 to 6 of your news to create the “3 minutes” of Confidens de Biarritz, our flagship city. Our goal is to make you smile with local and upbeat news, verified by our confidants. Users have the choice of reading the articles on our website, listening to them in podcast format or receiving them directly at home from Monday to Saturday (our confidants enjoy the ocean 🌊 and the mountain ⛰ on Sundays 😉) .

This is YOUR media. You can participate by sending your own content: a neighborhood event, the opening of a new boutique, an idea for a cultural outing, a stroll, a nice photo of the Basque coast… The information will then be verified by our correspondents premises before being relayed.

Our "raison d'être" is the fight against disinformation, we will achieve this by removing the influence of advertisers. Media without advertising = media without money? Utopian? No, we just want to live off the income from our subscriptions by remaining independent.

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Who are we?

Hubert Saint Olive is the “Founder”.

I'm currently working on the development of Confidens across Europe in order to address important issues of disinformation, especially at the local level.

My impact draws its energy from nearly 9 years of expertise in the media sector.
This expertise gives us the opportunity to combine professionalism and ethics in order to initiate the important changes needed in this sector.

I lived for a few years in India and then in Brazil, I chose Berlin in Germany, where I have been lived for 6 years, as well as Biarritz where I decided to install the Confidens team for a few months.

I'm passionate about developing new projects and supporting them until their success, as well as journalism, the first root of my career. This combination reflects a deep personal desire to create an ethical and united media that can find its place in our capitalist world.

Anne-Sophie, Estelle and Mathieu 

We are your Confidants! All three Biarrots and lovers of this city! No news can escapes us. We are involved in local life at all levels, which allows us to have a real connection with you, our reader.
Our mission at Confidens is to verify and publish your contributions. We proofread, we look for the sources and we ensure the optimism of the articles while preserving the authenticity of your publication!

What's the money for?

As Biarrots, we want to strengthen the social bond between our fellow citizens. The latter has been put in peril by successive lockdowns, not to mentions the omnipresence of fake news.

To reweave the social bonds of this city, we want to successfully undertake 3 projects:

Firstly, we want to develop the very first paper version of our daily “3 minutes” that we will be delivered to you by bike, brining all your local news straight to your doorstep.

Secondly, as digital will never replace human contact, we want to strengthen this biarrot social connection through various sporting events including a huge yoga class in July.

Lastly, we are dedicated to having a positive impact on our environment. So, part of the income generated from our subscriptions will be donated to the association Uramap to fight, together, against the pollution of rivers and oceans.

Thanks to you, we will create together this new ethical and civic social network.

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