PARADEEP save your boat and the sea


Lorient, France


PARADEEP is a patented device allowing to plug a water ingress from the boat's inside by a single man. In 2019, 137 boats sank because of water ingress in France (SNSM stat), significantly polluting our oceans.


1 - Introduce the closed PARADEEP into the water ingress hole, using the ram at the head if necessary to facilitate passage.

2 – Pull vigorously on the rope along the handle to trigger the CO2 cartridge which instantly deploys the dome of the PARADEEP close to the hull outside of the boat.

3 – Pull on the handle to bring the dome firmly to fit the hull.

4 – Push the part carrying the three arms of the PARADEEP pushing the hull inside and fix the whole with the locking ring.

A video demonstrating using Paradeep in situation

We can see that the use of Paradeep is very fast and after that the boat is still usable.

Who are we?

Alain Malardé, long-haul captain, captain of the old rig Bro-Warok, maritime Instructor, president of various humanitarian and maritime associations, defender of the coast, sailors and shellfish gatherers,

And inventor of the Paradeep.


I have been a s

ailor since I was 17, when I joined the French Navy for 4 years to reach the age of majority which was then 21.

A peasant grandson w
ho has gone badly since I was brought up by my grandparents on a small farm in central Brittany in Bieuzy les Eaux, exactly near Pontivy on the banks of the Blavet, where I learned to swim.

So goes the sometimes unpredictable fate, since my idea as a child was to become a silviculturist. I imagined myself in the great forests of Canada and why not tasting maple syrup pancakes in the "Cabins" ... I love it!

In any case, the great outdoors, a non-negotiable subject!

I have a little trouble with the military hierarchy ‘’ trying to understand is starting to disobey ‘’ ...

So Kenavo the national navy, but I have no regrets for the merchant navy.

I become a captain and sail the blue of our beautiful planet.

I am captain of the old rig "BRO-WAROK" based in Port Louis with which I do cruises to the islands of southern Brittany and the Gulf of Morbihan.

I also carried out with this old rig, ex Camaret lobster boat, a double transatlantic to supply an orphanage in HAITI for the community of EMMAÜS. I am the president of the MARINS du MONDE association.

I have also created a maritime training center in AURAY to provide training for boat license applicants.

I am counting on you, thank you all and good luck.

 Alain Malardé

What's the money for?

Prefunding of Paradeeps will allow to build molds necessary to industrialization and mass production.

Step 1: National and international patent filing (already fund by the inventor, Alain Malardé)

Step 2: realization of the first prototype by the Université de Bretagne Sud in Lorient (already fund by the inventor)

Step 3: Commercial development by the research and development department of the PLASTIMO company from Lorient (already fund by the Région Bretagne with the help of AUDELOR Lorient - 15000€)

Step 4: Paradeep industrialization, molds build for mass production: 20000€ (Ekosea's commission included) financing by 200 Paradeeps prefunding with preferential rate of 120€ instead of 145€.

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