Save us from toxic gaz of sargassum


Don solidaire



We need to buy H2S and NH3 testor to analyse the quantity of gaz we're expose all day long. Sargassum are arriving everyday on our coast,

Security Sanity Agency says it's not a problem, but school are closed, people are suffering and for those who live closed to the beach you can smell that's it's not good for your health. We need to know exactly wich qunatity of toxic gaz we're breathing, that's why we need to buy H2S test by ourself.

Who are we?

We are living in Guadeloupe and we are impacted by Sargassum in our daily life, poisoned by toxic gases continuously and constantly with no helps from state, communes, ARS . We decide today to take keyboard and create a mouvement of solidarity and commitment to enable Guadeloupeans to take their future in their hands. A vision of actions to recognize our real problems, quantified the hard reality of poisoning and give us the technical tools to evaluate the gaz toxicity.

Sainte Anne Action Sargasse is an association of people who believe that we can change our destiny, with confidence and solidarity people can get back their health and humanity.

What's the money for?

With the money we'll buy H2S and NH3 test and collecte data about nocivity of the gaz we're breatging everyday.

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