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Longboard, surf, wake, sailing… and so on… Energy, desire, passion, kindness are the values he decided to put into EKOSEA’s adventure.

Maël lives on Brittany’s coast, he has also made is way across Canada and Tahiti…

From all his experiences (Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art press-related, manager on prevention purposes for the French Polynesian government, managed service and financial companies) he decided to put this energy serving the project.

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Alexandra HAMON

Alex is our press-related specialist. She brings us back on earth when we’re all dreaming and go wild on latest Nazare’s videos.

Active in ethic approaches with the press, she tries to implement her work in a social and responsible view : “educate, explain, personalize”

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Lénaïc LOPIN

Bodyboard, sailing, kitesurf… For a long time now!!

He runs “People studio”, graphical design agency.

Graphical designer, Léna is a sharp eye to last trends and how to read them. He is our colorist guru.

Still we surf together, over 20 years!!

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Fabrice dit "Crousti" LE BIGOT

Talented Bodyboarder, photographer, graphic designer… He’s surrounded by ideas.

Always been motivated, guiding projects, he units teams around the right guys!

“Surf and boogie Family” founder, “Surf & Pétanque” contest creator this dude has to be part of the adventure!

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Sailing, that’s what he does!!

He made a name of himself wining world championship on Viper, F16 (European vice champion in 2015 and podium in France).

If we could think of selling his trophies and medals, we’d have enough to make a round trip over the most beautiful beaches of the world.

Eric is one of the technicians in the team, he evaluates, scans, unravels projects with a technical eye!

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David CANO

Some podiums won as a kitesurfer, David runs “Rêve de Glisse” kiteschool and “Freeboost” online shop.

How does he manage his time off? He decided to step in the adventure while he was preparing a mini 6.50 sailing project with a friend…and… at the same time involved into TEAM ACTUAL with Yves Le Blevec.

And guess what, when we call he still picks up!! Respect!

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Alexandre SAGNET

Alex has his hands in all kinds of pies! Musician and leader of Armen, he makes things happen as well in Brittany as in Paris or elsewhere in the world. Also animator on “TV Breizh” he currently runs “AB Drone” an imaging and video company using drones.

In this story, he brings his audio and video expertise.