Tim was born in Australia and now lives in Tahiti, he’s an expert in aerial, underwater and extreme sport photography and he regularly works with the major beach and swimwear brands. His spectacular and often breath-taking shots have forged his reputation in the world of sports and travel.

Our very deepest thanks Tim, for your friendship and support with the project!


We’re honoured that Hira TERIINATOOFA, the ISA World Surfing Games double world champion (2004 and 2010) has agreed to wear the EKOSEA colours both at Fenua and around the globe whenever he surfs….

With passion in his heart and a smile on his face, everyone knows and recognizes Hira by his friendly, easy-going manner and his sense of positioning!

You might come across him in Teahupoo, Papara or any of the best spots in French Polynesia, and sometimes even on the mainland as far out as Brittany…!

Maururu Hira!!!


Eric was born and bred in Brittany, he’s clocked up an impressive amount of races across the Atlantic (more than 10 in a row) and has participated 5 times in what’s considered the most demanding solo race out there; the “Solitaire du Figaro”.

In 2014 Eric took part in the VOLVO OCEAN RACE. He’s just finished the Transatlantic Jacques Vabres with his acolyte Fabrice Amadeo and he’s already preparing his next: the Vendée Globe….!

We’re very grateful to Eric for his involvement in our project, especially for relaying some of the projects…Thanks Eric!!


The right place at the right time!

Surfer, Kitesurfer and Funboarder TEIVA JOYEUX age 39, currently lives in Fuerteventura.

TEIVA along with his brother MALIK was one of the pioneers at Teahupoo. Pushing positioning limits to the extreme when he towed his brother MALIK in on his Kitesurf. TEIVA is much more than a sportsman, he’s truly passionate about the Ocean and what we must do to protect it! A real child of Nature!

Māuruururoa Teiva !!!!


Aymeric became addicted to knots at a very early age when he started to learn all about the sea, since then he’s developed a nice track record in offshore racing. With the Mini Transat and “France Promotion de Course au large” Champion’s title under his belt and a few runs in the “Solitaire de Figaro” his love of offshore is obvious. But he’s not averse to getting his pleasure elsewhere, like when he skippered Alain Gautier’s ORMA trimaran multihull in a run over 30 knots.

He works in sailing and is the living proof that you can’t privilege one sport over another when you love the ocean. Without a hitch he windsurfs then surfs, he puts his kitesurf away and gets straight in a monohull...but he’s chosen the multihull for his next challenge the “Route du Rhum”.

He lives in Etel with his wife Gaëlle and their 3 children and is actively involved in the local life.

Gautier GARANX

Gautier GARANX

BILLABONG XXL WINNER 2014! If you please!! 40 year old Gautier Garanx is one of the well-known protagonists of the HOLLOW XXL Project and we are honoured to announce that he’s agreed to become one of our ambassadors... Gautier was born and lives in the French Basque Country and is also an ambassador for HANDISURF, he was recently invited to participate in the 2016 edition of the Spanish big wave competition VACA XXL...When you meet Gautier, you’re immediately taken by how discreet, super accessible, humble and grounded he is ... then you see the waves he surfs... and you just think, OK, so the guys’ from another planet:) !!! Gautier, Thank You!

Fabienne D'ORTOLI

Nature, the Ocean and Sport are the 3 essential elements that make Fabienne who she is.

Fabienne began Kitesurfing in the winter of 1998.She went on to participate in freestyle, speed and race competitions and started building her collection of titles. She’s twice world champion in the freestyle category (2001 & 2002) and has won several European and French championship titles. Fabienne loves to travel, it’s a real passion. Tasmania, Easter Island, Rodrigues, Chile, Brazil, New Caledonia, Norway, Hawaï etc...she’s always on the look-out for new, isolated areas. Her radar’s set to look for waves that sometimes prove difficult to access with a Kitesurf, but every visit turns out to be incredibly rich in both human and sports encounters.

We’re honoured that Fabienne has agreed to join the team of Ekosea’s ambassadors. A huge thank you!