You have a project! You have a great idea ... you're confident it's worth organizing a crowdfunding campaign...

THAT’S GREAT!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Are you ready to throw yourself into an empty space and enter into an unknown territory? It is impossible to know what will happen but the prospects are exciting!!

At EKOSEA, we hope that your project will be a success; and therefore, this is the "check list" of the best practices by EKOSEA.

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- Prepare your campaign.

Indeed, it is essential to know if the platform is the appropriate mean for funding your project. Does your project bring real value to your future donors? Be consistent and accountable in your proposal!

- Be honest!

Do not promise more than you can offer. We are not expecting you to offer symbolic counterparts! On the contrary, what we want from you is the adequacy between your promises and your achievements.

- Set a specific goal

Of course, you will be applying for funds but you need to be realistic, request for an amount that is in tandem with the real needs of your project. You need set up several intermediate levels that will allow you to seek for an acceptable amount. Then, based on the power of feedback, you will be able to increase your fundraising with additional complementary projects.

- Mke it look good

Tell a story and create an attractive project page. Do not wait for the next opportunity to make an impression : this is the time for you to prove yourself!! Another important fact is this : never forget the power of the slogan!! This implies: A VIDEO!

– You are already passionate, become exciting!

Do you feel like giving to someone who “is doomed " or appears "gray”? No, of course NOT!!! Be exciting, create the desire to be part of the adventure. For this reason, you must believe and be convinced by your project. You have no other choice than to be smiling, compelling, and funny!! Show desire!! Show passion! And do it in such a way that your team proves that they are united for the realization of the project. If necessary go out and look for sponsors!

- Create a community.

The more you surround yourself with potential donors, sponsors, partners, the more it will strengthen your campaign. Make your donors become your project ambassadors!! For this reason, you will have to organize a crowdpitch by contacting your donors, and also by sending out newsletters ... You are going to create a special kind of relationship that will stand the test of time. Remember, IN UNITY WE TRUST!!!

- Until the last second!!

As long as a game is not finished, well.... it's not over!! Up untill the end, you have to invest time, energy and exhibit good vibes around the project ... In short, burn candles before the campaign, but then you should also be fully in a relationship with the donors, the media, social networks and so on... And remember that it is an adventure of a few intense weeks, but who can make you just connect with your dream and see it happening. The choice is yours!

- Social Networks

This is quite ESSENTIAL! You cannot just push them aside! You will have to discuss about the project, advertise news, create your appointment with donors, potential sponsors, media ... the more relevant you are, the more your followers will feel concerned about it !!

- Successful fundraising!!! Do not stop abruptly!!

Your supporters, donors, sponsors, partners ... have helped you thus far. The least you can do is to thank them and inform them of the result! What are you going to do with the money? How do you want to thank them and how soon? ... In short, remember to whom you owe your success!!! Indeed, you are the architect, but not the one that really built it step by step to actualize this project. Nothing is worse than a project developer who forgets where he is coming from...


When we were kids, we were taught not to look down on our friends... And of course we believe that this is precisely what you should do as well!!! In fact, there is even a word for it : The Benchmark!! Watch your other friends, look at projects on other platforms ... and you will see that you can do better by being funnier, more elegant, more powerful ... But you need to look at what is good and inspires the best out of you.

And remember, at first, no one will agree to give you money or make a donation to your project no matter how beautiful it may appear to be, if you do not inspire confidence!! So you have no other choice but to roll up your sleeves!! And get yourself started!!

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