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Crowdfunding / What is it?

Crowdfunding is the new, alternative method of financing projects where individuals participate collectively to raise funds. It’s a real breakthrough which offers people the chance to really make a difference. Crowdfunding uses online platforms to connect the project initiators with a group of people. These people, when they believe in the project, will start the buzz and launch its promotion or even help make it happen if they choose to donate. People; whether they’re individuals, associations or companies, become donors if they identify with a project and its initiator.

Can Anyone Use Ekosea?

Anybody can make a donation and contribute to the projects on offer. All you need is a valid credit card and sufficient funds. To file a project, you must be 18 years or over.

How do you go about setting-up a campaign?

You, (the project initiator) submit a presentation of your idea, product or service to us, (the Ekosea team), clearly stating the amount you would like to collect and your deadline. When we validate your project, it will be published on the website and become visible to the community (After 5 gifts) and the countdown begins! A good quality presentation that is consistent and clear will greatly increase your chances of success within the allotted time. Being clear, catchy, attractive and honest are all ways to build a trusting relationship with the donors. Without it, you might just fail.

The ‘All or nothing’ rule / What is it ?

WARNING, your project on the platform is only the beginning and does not guarantee success! On average, 50% of the projects reach the objective in the allotted time. If you actively take part in your campaign and use your network to relay information about your project, it’ll make a huge difference. You might even need to give those last missing euros so it reaches 100%! If it doesn’t make it, you can’t claim the money. That’s the ‘All or nothing’ rule. And if that happens all the donors are reimbursed and Ekosea won’t take its commission. It’s a collective loss...this time around. A failed campaign is also an opportunity for you to analyse your mistakes, start again and do better next time...(The man who invented Dyson went through heaps of test versions before finally inventing the successful vacuum we know today...).

How are the funds collected?

We’ve chosen credit card and direct debit as they’re currently the best systems available for payments over the Internet. Ch

How do I make a donation on EKOSEA’s platform?

You access the secured page on our website. Payments can be made by credit card or direct debit via MANGOPAY, our dedicated partner. Once the transaction is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with all your donation details and the project initiator will be immediately informed.

Is it free to register on EKOSEA?

Registration is free. Ekosea only takes its commission on successful campaigns and for the supply of any ‘extras’.

How can you be sure of the project initiator’s identity and his intention to fulfil his obligations?

We ask every project initiator to provide us with ID, as well as ID from their next of kin. By implicating others, it proves they plan to make the campaign a success and use the money wisely.


Share the project after donating... Why?

To promote the project

You can continue to help the project after making your donation by sharing it on
social media: Don’t miss this golden opportunity to encourage your friends to join you in the adventure! It’s super important, because the project’s success often depends on how it’s been shared.

What project should I choose?

Begin by choosing a project you really like, then decide on the amount you want to donate. Click on the button "support the project". If you want to support several projects at once, you can, it’s your decision. Oh and don’t forget, there’s no such thing as a ‘small’ donation...

Can I contact the project initiator?

Once you’ve made a donation, you’ll be able to contact the project initiator to ask them any specific questions you may have or just to encourage them if you wish. You’ll see your questions and the project initiator’s answers on the project page in "Comments".

How do I know if the project succeeds?

We’ve reached the objective!!!

You’ll be automatically notified when the project reaches its objective. If the campaign reaches its objective before the allotted time, you can carry on donating and blow the initial objective!


I can’t upload my files, they’re too heavy

Don’t panic, it’s normal. We’ve had to put a limit on the files (2MB) like most websites.
The reason is that most people’s browsers disconnect when heavy files are being uploaded.

If you find yourself in this situation, copy the link below and compress your PDF’s:

How Much?

You decide how much you donate. The donation will determine the incentive you get, if the project initiator has promised one.

Some donations are tax deductible, but not all, so bear it in mind!

Is the project guaranteed success?

No, there is no guarantee and it really depends on the project initiator and whether they develop a community that raises enough money to reach the objective. As donors, you also have an important part to play, when you believe in a project and really want it to succeed then you need to relay as much information about it as possible. As for us, we’ll do what we can to make it easier for the project initiator to contact experts in both communications and PR to help get their message out there. Ekosea is only held to an obligation of means. The resulting failure or success of any crowdfunding campaign, largely depends on the project initiator.

Can any type of project be submitted to EKOSEA?

What type of projects can be submitted to EKOSEA?

The Ocean is our passion… and playground. EKOSEA’s ethos is to help projects that are new and attractive in categories such as, sport, tourism, social development and innovation, especially when they create new jobs. Whilst constantly striving to help preserve the Ocean’s biodiversity, raise awareness about all types of marine and aquatic life (oceans, estuaries, rivers and lakes etc.) and improve environmental education in general.

One good example is; The Handisport Project where a female surfer covered her annual budget to make all the competition dates on the pro tour. Another was an environmental education program in collaboration with schools which followed a family’s expedition on a boat, we’ve also got tourist development projects (such as Wakeparks, waveparks etc. or even a bar with a static wave...)

In a nutshell, if your project corresponds with our values, we’ll share it!

What makes a successful crowd-funding campaign?

- Be persuasive

- Reassure people; be honest and transparent about the project and its destination (in short, Bernard Madoff, go look elsewhere …) Anticipate and plan how you’re going to keep donors updated, it’s important. When you make the connection then what? How will you make it last?

- Have a commercial attitude; make your product attractive and push it, don’t give up.

- Stay close to your audience:listen to your donors

- Create a reaction in other people, believe in yourself (when you believe in something, it’s contagious)… so tell everybody what motivates you and why you believe in your project.

- Look good. How do you expect people to follow you if it’s poor quality? Would you give money to a project that looked bad? Do the best you can! :)

- Be innovative; either with your project, or your approach...

- Be patient.

- Professionalism and a sense of humour make a good mix that could potentially make the project more appealing.


Comment puis-je payer pour aider un projet

Aujourd'hui, vous pouvez soit payer par carte bleue soit par virement, soit par chèque envoyé au porteur de projet qui ne devra pas l'encaisser tant que les 100% de l'objectif ne sont pas atteint. Dans les trois cas, vous devez vous inscrire au préalable.

How is EKOSEA paid?

EKOSEA takes a basic commission of 8% (excl. of VAT) from the total amount raised in a successful campaign; the percentage may vary if the project initiator wants help with any graphic design, drone videos, photos, PR etc.