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plage Hossegor, France


Welcome to everyone! I am Ugo ROBIN and I would like for this year to be a good year, I will participate in the European WQS which corresponds to 7 competitions. I will have to travel in Europe: Portugal, Spain, France and even Martinique! A dream I would like to accomplish!

This prize pool will allow me to compete in European competitions : the WQS (World Qualifying Series). Previously I participated in all the regional, national and international competitions, so I would like to come back and re gain the top level. There are 6-7 European competitions to which I can participate, so I put a small map where you can easily see it.

Because competitions aren't in Hossegor it will be necessary to move and accommodate on each competition. The purpose of this year is to make the best possible results.

Who are we?

After 3 years and half without competition, I decided to start competing again. I come from La Reunion where I have learned surfing when I was six. Since the beginning, I had the chance to travel around the world, doing competition and live in the Surf sphere that I enjoyed.

Unfortunately because of sark problems in la Reunion, I had to make a choice, 3 years ago, between competition without main sponsor and doing studies. It was a tough choice but i decided to study. Another reason of the fact that I had to stop competition was because my main sponsor decided to not renew our contract according to shark issues (It was impossible and too dangerous to train in those conditions)

I get a Business degree in two years in CNPC in study training program with Quicksilver. This experience allowed me to understand the labor market and how to work in a company. After, I worked for Superdry as manager during eight months.

After working 3 years, I wanted to rediscover the competition world. I always enjoy competition, it a part of me and my personality and I would like to feel the adrenaline of competition again.

I will participate to seven competitions in Europe this year, called WQS. the schedule of this years is :

- Two competitions in Portugal , two in Spain, two in France, and one in UK.

Nowadays, I live in Hossegor, a beautiful french surf city. We can find perfect waves even if it is cold during winter, it is alway a pleasure to surf. Also it is possible to train in rock's waves in the Basque Country. However, it is a perfect spot to train and succeed.

I decided to take my surf license in Hossegor surf club according to the fact that I wanted to have my surf club close to the place where I live. I also have the chance to work with them to become a future surf teacher.

I like :

Travel, surfing, discover new cultures, movies, Competition spirit in surf, share my passion, eat and sleep.

I don't like :

eat and sleep bad, read, bad and cold heather.

What's the money for?

To realize the dream of re-entering competition, this prize pool will help me to move to the competition sites, to register on the competitions and also to be able to sleep under a roof which is nevertheless Better in this kind of situation. There will also be a participation for the manufacture of custom surfboard of very good quality (in total 5 boards). This manufacture is very important for my success, they will allow me to be at the top of my level.

This graph represents the whole year 2017 of the WQS. Each box corresponds to the total cost of the 7 competitions, for example in the competitions box, 850 euros will correspond to the total of all the competitions.

Data for 7 competitions :

- Competition registrations: 850 euros

- Transport: 940 euros

- Accommodation: 500 euros

- Transport on site: 350 euros

- Return of Santa Cruz: 200 euros

- Custom surfboards: 1 500 euros

- Training with coach : 2 000 euros

Total cost: 6 400 euros

I present you differents stage that will allow me to realize my dream, here there are bellow

The personal coaching is an mesary step to succeed. it's allowed me to improve myself thanks to daily training, with water training and physical training. there always are something to improve to be better. It is for this reason that i need a coach who will help me to succeed.

With your help I could participate and move to competitions !

J-1 les amis 18 Apr 2017

Derniere journée avant la fin du projet !

Un énorme merci à tout le monde, vous avez été géniaux ! 🙏🏼 Merci aussi aux magazines ; surf me et rider match, et aux sponsors ; Wildsuits, Hurricane surf, Koalition surf, superdry

Bonne continuation à tous et à très vite 😉

Compétition à Costa Da Caparica 10 Apr 2017

Actuellement sur Costa Da Caparica, je viens de passer ma première série du round 2, prochain heat ce soir !

À très vite pour de nouvelle News

Merci à tous 😃 03 Mar 2017

Hello la communauté !!

Déjà quasiment 9% merci à tous c'est vraiment super gentil ! Ça fait très plaisir de voir que vous me soutenez, et même sur Facebook avec vos commentaires !

Bonne journée 🌊🏄🏼

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