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Hurricanes IRMA and MARIA hit the island of Saint-Martin, destroying more than 70% of the nautical sector. Today, the solidarity of seafarers is essential in order to meet the most urgent needs.

During the month of September 2017, hurricanes IRMA and MARIA hit the island of Saint-Martin, destroying more than 70% of the nautical sector. As it was committed, The French Nautical Industries Federation (FIN) conducted a first assessment mission on the economic and social consequences of hurricane IRMA on the marine sector of St. Martin.

Some facts and figures:

  • 70% of the boats and infrastructures are completely affected
  • 68 companies in the nautical and the pleasure are concerned
  • They represent 400 jobs and 95 million euros in turnover
  • These companies generate significant economic benefits at the local level, with tourism and fishing being essential resources for island life
  • Boat rental companies are the hardest hit because they have almost no tools to work with
  • The main logistical difficulty lies in the fact that there is not enough room to work for the reconstruction of the sector. It is indeed essential to clear wrecks beforehand. However, it is first necessary to wait until the experts of the insurance companies go on the spot to make findings. The situation is now blocked
  • 1000 boats were affected, almost half of which are now wrecks.The number of shipwrecks is expected to increase because repair costs on some boats will be much higher than their market value

The activity of the sector is therefore permanently at a standstill and the situation is therefore at this moment blocked.

The evaluation mission was conducted at the beginning of October by Mr Guillaume Arnauld of the Lions, Deputy Delegate General of the FIN, in connection with the association of professionals of the water sports of Saint-Martin (METIMER).
The FIN delegate met with more than 50 business leaders who were victims of the incident, learned about the damage in the various affected areas (on land and from the sea) and visited a deconstruction company located in the north of the island. .During his mission, Mr. Arnauld of Lions also met with the President of the territorial collectivity Mr. Daniel Gibbs and the interdepartmental delegate for reconstruction Mr. Philippe Gustin, as well as the representatives of the CCI and the MEDEF, the Antillean companies waste management, insurance experts and state services.

Who are we?

The French Nautical Industries Federation (FIN) aims to defend, represent and promote the different sectors of French nautical industries, both at home and abroad. The FIN currently has more than 600 members, drawn from eleven nautical industry and service professions, representing more than 80% of the industry's turnover.

What's the money for?

We have not set a goal for this social campaign. All the funds raised will make it possible to finance several actions, intended to directly help the professionals:

  • Assistance to replace tools and light equipment (power tools, compressors ...)
  • Assistance with the rehabilitation of light infrastructures: floating docking pontoons, sailcloth flooring, beach equipment for players in boardsports and outdoor activities
  • Participation in the costs of deconstruction remaining at the expense of the companies (wrecks, waste of buildings and equipment destroyed ...)
  • Aid for the financing of franchises and costs not covered by insurance

The FIN calls today for the solidarity of seafarers and hopes for a strong commitment from the sector and the nautical community.

Merci aux premiers contributeurs ! 10 Nov 2017

Merci à l'équipe de la FIN pour avoir lancé les dons !

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