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Don solidaire

Bretagne, France


Project of collection of waste on the quotations of the Breton islands and the creation of workshops of waste recycling with the children, quite voluntarily! Creation of a BD on the journey!

3 years ago, I created voluntarily a workshop waste recycling rejected by the sea with children during the extracurricular Times, and made them build a real trimaran of 5 m which they navigated! In front of the success of this workshop, I had the idea to make the same thing on the Breton islands! Living aboard my sailboat of 8,60m steel of type "plan Caroff", I can move from island to island! The purpose is to collect waste on the quotations of these islands, and then to organize workshops with the schools of the islands of Ponant or City halls, and to make build boats or objects with the gleaned waste! I shall then like realizing a BD on this journey ... Naturally, quite voluntarily! I am handicaped, I have time and envy to be useful ...

To realize this project with the aim of a fine departure Mai_début Juin, I miss certain equipment! I accept partnerships or sponsoring!

Who are we?

,My name is Eric, I arrived in Brittany, in Bridge(Deck) Scorff in 2000 and settled down as creative craftsman as painter in decorations(sets) (frescoes, deceive the eye, etc.). In 2005, I had to stop my activity for medical causes, and moved to Clohars Carnoët into Finistère. Not supporting(bearing) to be inactive, I put myself in the wooden Polynesian sculpture floated gleaned on beaches(ranges). This leisure allowed me to stay in the contact of the environment(middle) of the surfing which I practised and of the sea. I then created Kerou Beach Association to organize parties(holidays) of surfing culture in Brittany. I realized numerous trophies for the various competitions of surfing, Kite surf, and Windsurfing on the Brittany, of which Grand Prix Small Ship then Guyader! I had to leave Clohars for reason " divorce" In 2013. Since I lived aboard my sailboat with Port(Bearing) Launay (29 ), near Chateaulin.!

I lived since 2013 aboard my boat! Since 2006, further to health problems, I am handicaped (back), I decided to put my spare time in the service of causes which mean a lot to me as the voluntary work with the children and with the ecology! I am also a draftsman illustrator! During 3 years, I was voluntary organizer(presenter) in an association (Polysonnace to Chateaulin 29) and I organized studios(workshops) of recycling with the children!

Knowing well islands Breton of Ponant (Of Chausey in the Ile d'Yeu), these islands are the first ones(nights) to be received from tons of waste on their coast(ribs)! Regrettably nobody makes anything! I decided to act and to educate the children to the ecology of waste and to show them that we could make it by recycling them! Living aboard my sailboat, I can go(surrender) easily on these islands! Having only a small disability pension to live (the AAH of 800€ / month), I need your help(assistant) to realize this project which means a lot to me!

What's the money for?

Practically all the islands of Ponant, Chausey in the Ile d'Yeu, have no ports(bearings) with pontoons, I shall thus have to cast anchor at anchor or on buoys! My boat, a steel sailboat of 8,60m type(chap) "plan Caroff", thus has to have a big electric autonomy and in drinking water! I bought him(it) in September, 2017, and his(her,its) equipment must be completed by the second-hand material(equipment) (I accept the gifts(donations) in materials(equipments)!)!

Here is the list of what I need:

- 200 watts of solar panels (300 €)

- Regulator for solar panels (150 €)

Tubes of steel and hardware store(hardware) for the realization of a portico(gantry) to support(bear) panels(signs) (200 €)

- A small engine Speedboat (from 3 to 6 cv) for my appendix (450 €)

- A fixed VHF if possible with AIS (350 €)

- A basic(basal) pollster(sounder) (100 €)

- A WIFI antenna(office) (200 €)

Approximately 4 m2 of the fiber of glass and resin for the realization of a roof ( roof) of descent in the cockpit (300 €)

- A 2nd anchorage(wetting) (anchor, chain(channel), cablot) for the back (150 €)

- A small refrigerator 12v or an electric icebox 12v (Nine 450 €, second-hand 150 €)

- 1 WIFI tablet to pass on(to transmit) my browser software in the cockpit (100 €)

- Miscellaneous (200 €) (jerycans, wood, equipments inside, hardware store(hardware), etc.)

Avancée des travaux! 22 May 2018

Grace à vos contributions, j'ai pu réaliser ce portique en acier et acheter ces deux panneaux solaires de 150 Watt chacun! Aujourd'hui, il me manque encore un peu pour acheter une annexe et son petit moteur!

Contributions 22 May 2018

Certains d'entre vous ayant préféré me donner des chèques, le budget est pratiquement bouclé! Encore 350 € me seraient nécéssaires pour acheter une annexe et son moteur!

Cette annexe m'est indispensable pour débarquer dans les îles à cause des forts courants!

Article du journal Ouest France en page Bretagne du 8 Mai 12 May 2018

article Ouest France 09 May 2018

J'attends cette semaine un article en page "Bretagne" du journal Ouest France!

Il pourra ainsi être vu par un plus grand nombre de personnes et surtout par les îliens de Bretagne!

Attente de réponse d'organismes scientifiques 09 May 2018

J'ai envoyé des courriers à plusieurs organismes scientifiques, comme IFREMER, ou OCEANOPOLIS afin de leur proposer mes services et de réaliser des expériences pour eux! J'espère une réponse positive!

Photo de moi en tant que bénévole Surfrider! 01 May 2018

Depuis 2000, je suis, ainsi que mes enfants, bénévole et animateur dans l'association internationale SURFRIDER!

J'avais réalisé spécialement un fauteuil en bois de palette "flotté" !

Bois flotté: bois ayant séjourné dans l'eau de mer. Le fait d'avoir trempé dans l'eau salée le rend imputrescible, et lui donne une belle patine grisée.Idéal pour fabriquer des meubles de jardin par exemple!

Article du Télégramme de Brest 01 May 2018

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eric Tichy 26 Apr 2018 à 04h14

Un grand merci à ces deux premiers contributeurs.... Vous allez m'aider à réaliser ce projet qui me tient à coeur depuis de nombreuses années, et que je vais enfin réaliser. Mille merci!