BECOME A SEA PILOT by supporting disability and diversity!


Don solidaire

Lorient, France


Close your eyes and come on board of a flying sport catamaran, show your support to our disable-able team made up with Erwan, a visually impaired sailor, and Eric, a light sailing world champion. Our message: raise awareness of people with disability through sport.

The Bol d'Or of Leman, in Switzerland, is the largest inland regatta in the world, taking place on Leman lake in Geneva. In 2018, the team completed the race with a Tornado, a non flying catamaran, in just 28 hours and 56 minutes. During that race Erwan and Eric took turn to sleep only few minutes at the time, on the boat...

We finished 5th out of the 12 starting boats (6 abandoned in the race) among the 18 entries.

The Bol d’Or started in 1939. Each year, more than 500 boats, both monohulls and multihulls, compete on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, the equivalent of 123 km (66.5nm) a distance that run from Geneva to Le Bouveret and back.

The Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2019 will be held from 14 to 16 June 2019.

After completing the Bol d’Or in 2018, we thought to ourself : now we need a better, faster boat : a flying boat !”

Who are we?

We are two passionate person who have joined forces to show that everything is possible and having a disability should not stop anyone from practising sports.

Erwan’s story:

“At the age of seven, I lost most of my visual acuity in less than six months. It was at the same time that I started sailing on optimist dinghy. As a teen, I took on sports’ catamarans and windsurfing, and about 6 years ago I started kitesurfing.

Losing my central vision became a driving force to surpass myself and achieve goals that I set for myself : following my dreams and experience my passion to the fullest without being constrained by the physical limits of my handicap”.

If you want to know more about the disease that affect Erwan, please follow the link below:

Eric’s story :

"I have been sailing since I was a child. I have been able to sail at both top level circuits with 49er, Olympic as well as on amateur boat such as in F16, and light sport catamaran open to all. For the past 3 years, I have been sailing on flying phantom and I took part in two seasons of the professional extreme sailing series circuit which led me to sail in Madeira, Cardiff, Hamburg and Qingdao. 

In 2017, Erwan was looking for a helmsman to do the national Hobie Wild Cat in La Rochelle and that's how our adventure began. Everything was easy and fluid. He was 110% committed, confident and asked the right questions asked at the right time."

Bol d'Or 2018 video, early hours of the morning, 21 hours down the race on Facebook Live.

What's the money for?

In order to lift the colors of disability and diversity during the Bol d'Or of Leman 2019, we must be able to navigate safely with Erwan, visually impaired, whether it is day or night time, on a fast sailing racing boat that flies !

In the meantime, we have started to prepare the boat by taking the sails to the sailmaker's, making carbon stratifications on the rudders to improve their structural strengths, redo a beam bolt hook torn off, completely dismantle all the boat's systems to thoroughly inspect each element and reassemble them with new parts if necessary. We are also looking to improve how to operate the sails for Erwan.

With your support we can achieve this and share with you the joy of defying gravity !

Level 1 : The bare necessity : Having a reliable and safe boat that enable us to share this adventure with you.

- 4,400 € Rudder casting, Rudder gudgeon, Mastfoot, Foil blocks, ropes.
- 700 € Boat transport and logistics to Switzerland.
- 600 € Boat and crew insurance.
- 400 € Personal personal locater beacon, flash light, helmets.

Level 2 : Boat performance and inside footage
- 2,200 € Spinnaker, Foil rake system.
- 300 € Media equipment to film/shoot photos during the Bol d’Or

Level 3: Ensure the sustainability of the "Envol Océan" association's project.

- If we are successful with our collect and our values of sports and disability shared, we will look into setting more dates such as the Flying Phantom League in Barcelona Spain in September 2019, the Xtreme Glisse in Crozon France in October 2019.

- We are open to partnerships that would help us to register for those events or buy a 2nd boat as part of a program around sports and disability.

The boat is lended to us by the Marais family who share our values ​​of diversity, humanism and equality that we wish to promote via the Bol d’Or 2019 project.

We also have a friend who hosts us in Switzerland ;) Thank you Catherine.

See you soon on the water !

All donations between € 50 and € 100 will be eligible for a prize draw.

Three (3) winners will be drawn, for € 50 to € 100 donations drawers, one winner per week.

The price to win is the "Become a sea pilot" prize.
If you wish to participate to all 3 draws, you will have to make a new donation starting from € 50 to be eligible again.
The draws will take place on the following dates :

- Wednesday, March 20

- Wednesday, April 3rd

- Wednesday, April 17

At the end of the crowdfunding campaign, a final prize will be given away from all the donations received above € 50 to get the chance to win "A printed photo of the crew in navigation".

Each draw will be made on Facebook Live on "La passion est en vous" page. You will receive an email with the exact time.

Your prize “Become a sea pilot” includes :

- Theory and practical boat operation briefing (15 to 30 min).
- Sailing for an hour to experience sailing on foils, flying above the sea at high speed. Prepare yourself for a whole new set of sensations and be part of the foiling revolution !
- Debriefing and a drink (at the end of the afternoon with 2 or 3 other people who have also sailed on the boat).
- Please remember this is weather permitted so be flexible with your dates. You might be asked to be on standby for the week or forward to the following week. We very much depend on weather, especially whilst sailing with foil. Wind force will be no more than 15 knots in a fairly calm sea to sail safely so you can enjoy the experience.

Les évènements où nous serons présents avant le Bol d'Or du Léman : 28 Mar 2019

- la Foiling Génération à l'Ecole nationale de Voile située à Quiberon du 12 au 14 Avril, nous serons présent avec le bateau.

- la Duo demi-clé située à Port Louis le 4 mai qui sera également le support d'autres évènement autour de la mer, nous aurons un petit stand sur le quai de la pointe et le bateau sera présent en démonstration :

Et voici notre 1er gagnant !!! 20 Mar 2019

Durant le Facebook live, nous avons tiré au sort notre 1er gagnant ;) 

A aujourd'hui, vos aides et contributions, nous permettent de changer les flasques des moteurs de foils, changer le pied de mat et également changer tous les bouts aux mauvaises couleurs pour Erwan ainsi qu'équiper les foils de super bande à haut contraste pour Erwan !!! Merci à vous tous contributeurs.

On a eu un petit souci technique avec le téléphone qui a sonné durant le live, le faceboolk live est en 2 parties.

Qui est Erwan Charamel ? 14 Mar 2019

Réponse en Image : 

Plus de 10%, merci !!! et peut-on recevoir un reçu fiscal ? 08 Mar 2019

Merci aux premiers donateurs pour avoir dépassé les 10% en 2 jours. 

Peut-on recevoir un reçu fiscal ? Oui, nous pouvons éditer un reçu fiscal mais uniquement pour les personnes qui font un don sans contrepartie c'est-à-dire qui choisisse le montant qu'il souhaite donner puis au moment du paiement clic sur le bouton "sans contre partie". 

Pourquoi ? Il faut que le versement soit réalisé à titre gratuit, sans contrepartie directe ou indirecte. Par exemple, une cotisation qui ouvre droit à des services (ici, une contrepartie) n’entre pas dans le champ d’application de l’article 200 du Code Général des Impôts.

Et nous vous compterons parmi nos adhérents sur cette année 2018 en vous conviant à aimer la page Facebook "la passion est en vous" qui nous permettra de vous inviter aux groupes privés pour suivre plus profondément l'aventure et peut-être mettre en place d'autres projets ? 

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Envol Océan 07 Mar 2019 à 11h11

Merci et oui, on va y aller avec l'engagement et la préparation qui va bien ;)

JOELLE CHARAMEL 06 Mar 2019 à 15h37

Aller au bout de ses rêves, même quand il manque une carte dans son jeu, quoi de plus galvanisant? Allez-y à fond tous les deux, pour votre plaisir, pour une place sur le podium et pour Bruno... De tout coeur avec vous! Jo Charamel