The SINGLE water park !

A meaningful project

Our non-profit association is called Whitewater Pulse. It is made of citizens whose passion is whitewaters. They are all ages, come from various backgrounds and from 14 countries. They live in continental areas for 48 percent of them and in coastal areas for the rest of them.

We are convinced that the XXIst century water parks do not only have to be places dedicated to leisure and training practises but also have to heighten public awareness and lead to the emergence of a collective reflexion regarding the vital issues that will impact our environment.

They have to be places from which a collective awareness will emerge.

What do we intend to do ?

Our intention is to build a water park of a new kind, made of sustainable materials.

Because the preservation of environment is part of WWP's essential concerns, the building of WWP infrastructures will not require any deforestation nor any use of ground water. Besides, the quantity of water necessary to make the structures function will be reduced as much as possible; water will be filtered and treated thanks to an innovative bio technology.

As WWP intends to couple the surfing pool pumping station with the canyoning spot one in order to diminish the quantity of needed water, it will be necessary to go on studying that system in the slightest details so as to be able to choose the technology that will be best-fitted to make significant energy savings. Thus, two types of wave pools are under study : the first one has been developped by Wavegarden and the second one by the Kelly Slater Wave Company. The WWP team went to Wales a few months ago to study and test the first wave. As for the second one, the team is studying the technology and intends to go and test it in a couple of months.

Who are we?

Sabrina Colsenet is the president of the association and the project builder, She has gathered a team of nine persons whose strong points are their multiple skills, their experience, their fluency in at least three langages and above all their passion !

What's the money for?

" Putting one small pebble upon the other is the best way to build a mountain " , Confucius.

That is exactly the spirit of crowdfunding and we'd like you to share it with us ! Let's first gather all around that project and bring it our support and then be assured that public authorities, private entreprises and patrons will follow the movement and be part of the adventure !

We have to raise funds in order to get a part of the missing equity provision that is required to reassure the bankers. Raising that equity contribution is essential for us to :

* get a loan dedicated to Innovation that will enable us to work in collaboration with an engineering agency and an architect. Thus, they will be able to draw the water park installations.

* help to the 3D prototyping of the canyoning spot.

We have already taken contact with reliable engineering groups that are capable of running the project which is intended to enter the European Horizon 2020 program.

From 80 to 100 million euros for the water park itself and around 50 million euros for the practisioners' accomodation will be needed. We have estimated those costs after a study we've conducted on four huge water parks, two of them being located in France, one in the USA and the last one in Spain.

As far as architecture is concerned, we would like to work with the French architect Jacques Rougerie who has been presented the project. Here is what he has said about it :

" A beautiful initiative; it deals with issues that I cherish and it undoubtedly corresponds to a need in our society; I encourage you to go on ".

* pay for the fees that are required to enter competitivity centers in order to start conceiving and prototyping the first bio-sourced surf board that will be produced thanks to additive technology; indeed, we can't imagine anyone surfing inside a sustainable water park on boards that would not be sustainable too !

* work with a web agency to create a web page dedicated to the association and its project, aimed at giving it more visibility in order to raise interest from the part of potential partners, financers and supporters.

These are the steps that are really important for us :

So ? Are you going on board with us ?

Collecte terminée; objectif non atteint mais IMMENSE MERCI A TOUS LES CONTRIBUTEURS !!! 09 Jan 2017

Chers contributeurs, depuis deux mois, les membres de l'équipe associative Whitewater Pulse et moi avons donné le meilleur de nous-mêmes, ne comptant ni temps, ni énergie pour mettre en œuvre toutes sortes d'actions de soutien au projet aux côtés des médias lorrains qui les ont largement relayées. Nous n'avons pas réussi à atteindre notre objectif de collecte.

Néanmoins, nous souhaitons vous remercier très chaleureusement pour votre soutien et votre contribution ( qui va vous être intégralement remboursée par virement ou vous sera restituée par la poste s'il s'agit d'un chèque ).

L'échec de cette collecte ne veut cependant pas dire échec du projet. L'année 2017 démarre d'ailleurs sur les chapeaux de roue pour notre association :

* participation samedi 14/01/17 au forum de La France S'Engage à Paris sur invitation du Ministère de la Ville, de la Jeunesse et des Sports

* enregistrement du projet sur le European Investment Portal en Février à la recherche de mécènes européens

* entretiens prévus en Avril avec les représentants de deux ambassades étrangères à Paris pour enregistrement du projet dans deux réseaux de mécénat

Vous pourrez continuer de suivre toutes les news sur l'avancée du projet sur notre page Facebook www.facebook.com/White-Water-Pulse-LE-Water-Park

Bien à vous, chers contributeurs et encore une fois...un immense MERCI !!!

Sabrina Colsenet, Présidente de Whitewater Pulse et toute son équipe.

Après-midi d'échanges et collecte pour soutenir le projet WWP à INTERSPORT Centre Waves Metz le 04/01/16 26 Dec 2016

Sabrina et son équipe vous donne rendez-vous pour une après-midi d'animations et d'échanges avec vous au sein d'INTERSPORT Centre Waves à Metz le 04/01/16 de 13 à 17 heures. Vous pourrez aussi y faire une contribution en ligne pour soutenir le projet. A très bientôt !!

Journée d'échanges avec Sabrina, la porteuse du projet chez MEGASPORT Augny 26 Dec 2016

Sabrina vous donne rendez-vous dans les locaux de MEGASPORT Augny en 57 le 02/10/14 de 10h à 17 heures pour une journée d'échanges; vous pourrez également y faire votre contribution en ligne directement sur place. A bientôt !

Sabrina, la porteuse du projet, en direct ce vendredi 09/12/16 à partir de 18h 00 sur le plateau de Mirabelle TV, chaîne TNT33. 06 Dec 2016

Retrouvez Sabrina en direct sur le plateau de Mirabelle TV à l'invitation d'Arnaud Caël, rédacteur en chef.

Interview radio en direct sur RPL, La Radio du Pays Lorrain, jeudi 08/12 à 14h00. 06 Dec 2016

Rejoignez Sabrina, présidente de Whitewater Pulse et porteuse du projet sur la FM 89.2; elle y répondra en direct aux questions de Géraldine de RPL.

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Pascal Wolff
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Mary K 06 Dec 2016 à 16h36

Un projet qui fait revivre des souvenirs ! Participez en partageant le projet et/ou en participant à la cagnotte :) à soutenir absolument !